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Training Classes
U.S. Valve Services & Training, Inc. offers pipeline companies the most comprehensive training classes in the industry today.  Our classes are designed for field technicians, operators and safety personnel.  Two types of classes are available, the Valve Maintenance Training Class and the Actuator Training Class.  Our qualified instructor will travel to your location and provide each participant with a textbook.  The textbook includes illustrated instructions and can serve as an excellent reference manual for future use.  The Valve Maintenance Training Class is designed to educate pipeline personnel on the proper identification and operation of multiple valve types.  Our instructor will discuss the safe use of different products and fittings for each type of valve.  This course will also teach your personnel how to maintain valves, basic valve repair and lubricating equipment safely and efficiently.  The Actuator Training Class is designed to educate pipeline personnel on the proper identification and operation of actuators and gearboxes. Our instructor will discuss actuator commissioning, troubleshooting and field repair procedures.  This class may include an interactive hands-on demonstration at your valve site, workshop or field office.  The “hands-on” portion allows the participants the opportunity to apply techniques learned in class.  The textbook will include additional illustrated instructions. Throughout the class, participants will be allowed to ask specific questions based on their experiences in the field.  You have the option to request a general test to be given at the end of class so participants can be quizzed on knowledge they have acquired. This option will require prior notification. U. S. Valve Services & Training, Inc. can customize a package to meet the needs of your personnel for the specific valves and actuators at your facility.  If you would like to be added to our schedule, please call us at 1-800-270-8250 today!