Valve Cleaner

U.S. Valve Cleaner is a formulated multi-ingredient, semi-fluid combination of penetrants and lubricants designed to dissolve and cut residual gums, lacquer deposits, inert solids and corrosion deposits that make valves hard or impossible to operate. This product is for use in all types of plug, ball and gate valves. U.S. Valve Cleaner is non-flammable and contains graphite for added lubricity.

Service Recommendations:

We recommend valve operators inject the proper amount of U.S. Valve Cleaner into valves, allowing the product to soak for a 4 hr. minimum to 2 week maximum, or until the problem has been solved. Once this is done, the proper lubricant for that type of service should follow.


•	Temperature Range : -10F to 400F
•	Color : Black