Anti Seize

U.S. Valve Anti-Seize is a water repellant, chemically resistant and non-gumming lubricant capable of withstanding heat, pressure, wear and corrosive environments. It is soluble with hydrocarbon and chlorohydrocarbon solvents and insoluble with polar solvents like water, ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, acetone, methyl ethyl ketone and glacial acetic acid at ambient temperature. U.S. Valve Anti-Seize is a brushable compound that can be applied to hot surfaces without flaming or obnoxious fumes.

Service Recommendations:

U.S. Valve Anti-Seize contains no particles of lead, copper or molybdenum disulfide, so it is suitable for use with stainless alloys at high temperatures. Use in heavy, slow-speed slide applications, journal and loose-tolerance bearings.


•	Temperature Range : -10F to 400F
•	Color : Grey