#80 Lubricant - Wintergrade

US Valve Wintergrade #80 Lubricant is manufactured as a superior lubricant using only proven formulas for low-temp applications and for everyday use in ball, gate and plug valves, swivel joints, pumps, and flanges in non-sour and natural gas services.  This lubricant is formulated for resistance to hydrocarbons.

Service Recommendations:

Recommended for a full range of valves when injection of grease is required in a cold or low-temp environment.  Also for use year round during routine valve maintenance and inspections to keep debris and foreign matter out of fittings, ball checks, wafer checks, and to keep lubrication lines clear of trash.  Use in aliphatic hydrocarbons, crude distillates, crude oil, diesel fuel, hydrocarbon liquids, kerosene, LPG, lubricating oils and natural gas. 


•	Temperature Range : -40F to 450F
•	Color : Orange Brown
•	Base Oil: Synthetic